I would like to introduce myself to those who may not know me. My name is Izzy! I immigrated to Canada when I was a few months old and reside in Alberta. The majority of my profession has been in finance, although I studied Journalism. I began my career in retail banking, selling mutual-funds and credit products. I then left the retail end of things to work for a small hedge fund, as an investment assistant. My profession outside of trading for the last 6 years has been in Energy Marketing and Trading, scheduling physical power and trading transmission. I discovered my true passion for the markets when working in retail-tech sales back in 2008 during my first year of college. The interest I had in investing in technology and growing my knowledge in the markets began to expand rapidly. I spent the majority of my spare time researching and trading, while managing my full-time schooling and part-time job. I was vastly invested in crude stocks in my early years trading, as that was the biggest economic driver in the area I lived. When the Canadian cannabis sector was beginning to emerge back in 2013, I continued to gauge a vast interest in learning new sectors. In 2014, I discovered that there was something called “Fintwit” – a community on Twitter where other traders shared their insight and analysis. I began to share my ideas and started to see a steady growth. My passion for educating others on my experience in the markets, became a true found love. Now, my vision is to help overcome one of the biggest obstacles of trading – psychology. My personal setback in my early years of trading was defeating my own mind, which is why I firmly believe that the right mindset, makes money.

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“Our minds are the master of our best creations. All it takes is one thought.”

Ms Izzy

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