Sometimes the best things that happen in life, happen randomly. I started following Ms Izzy on Twitter because I was looking for someone who has insights on how to trade (of all tickers…) QD. I quickly learned about her wit, love for food and incredible skills in trading. But what impressed me the most is her kindness and passionate desire to share knowledge. This is a rare quality I didn’t expect to encounter. There are tons of guru traders in the world. But to me, character trumps making money.[8:49 PM]I felt compelled and requested to join the free discord which Ms Izzy kindly responded with an invite. However, when I did join (have to apologize for saying this…), I left the server only after few minutes. Although the vibe was great, the crowd was much larger than expected and wasn’t what I was looking for. Oddly (by accident), Ms Izzy later retweeted my first request and sent a second invite. This time I thought…maybe I’m missing something and need to take a second look. After joining again, I stayed on the sidelines and just observed. Then, after few weeks when I finally jumped in and started trading with the group, Ms Izzy announces starting a premium group. I was intrigued at the timing of this opportunity and paid for the access. To my surprise, it was exactly what I was looking for. I am not someone who needs attention, but I do learn and operate better with a more concentrated group when it comes to trading (This is not a knock on big vs. small groups, but just acknowledging people have different needs). On top of that, the premium server offers a tremendous amount of guidance and support. Ms Izzy is well connected to the trading industry, profoundly skilled, knowledgeable and most of all, tirelessly willing to teach and mentor anyone who wants to learn. And after few weeks since inception, members (including myself) are already showing good progress. I’m still surprised at the collection of events that brought me here. Maybe I should thank QD? Lol. But overall, I’m really grateful to Ms Izzy and senior traders/partners for creating (out of their wish to help others) an educational forum like this premium access to help us improve as traders and as people