I found Izzy randomly on twitter from a person who recommended a list of people to follow for stocks. Being relatively new to twitter & stocks, I had zero criteria on who to follow. I went with what my heart told me…. I followed her based off her Sailor Moon avatar. Who would have thought that God would use one of the first anime’s I watched as a child to steer me to, unknowingly, the greatest trader of all time? I have been with her mentorship from the beginning. I was amazed and motivated by her knowledge, skill, accuracy, and relentless work ethic. Her mindset is that of an elite athlete and exudes mamba mentality. Her mentorship is like no other. The is a true mentorship program. Others, I regrettably wasted thousands of dollars, were more of service alerts. They built my first year of trading on sandy foundation and gave me false confidence. When self-sufficiency was tested upon the weather of volatility, I suffered loss after loss and those “mentors” were crutches to me. I knew something was missing and Izzy is filling in those gaps every day. I never heard of bull flags, inverted hammers or 3 bar patterns until I joined. I didn’t know we can asset risk/reward by the penny. Calling tops and bottoms on stocks we trade. She has truly changed my life for the better. The past 9 months, I diligently had to unlearn bad habits and still am. There are numerous imitation diamonds out there, but when water is poured over them, Izzy sparkles brilliantly as the others are practically extinguished. I highly recommend joining if you want to improve, not only in trading but also as a person. What she passes on can be carried to all aspects in life.