I joined Izzy’s discord after watching her on Benzinga a few months back. She provided such depth and understanding of PA, time frame analysis, and sector rotation during the segment that I immediately signed up to be a member. Since joining, I’ve learned how important it is to watch the clock, how important it is to look for previous patterns and formations, but mainly, how important sector rotations are. My trades over the past couple months are drastically different than what they used to be. From occasionally trading low volatility names and primarily focusing on large cap tech stocks, to primarily trading low volatility, unless we have a clear open above key levels. If that last bit confuses you, you’ll soon learn (example would be AMZN). Even when the market seems to be dumping, Izzy teaches you which sector is flourishing. Being green on ‘red’ days was an anomaly. Things may seem fast paced if you’re new here, but hold on, and listen. The most important thing you can do is listen to Izzy. Participate when she’s going over patterns, or time frame analysis. Read her daily notes closely, take your own notes from the weekly blog. Without a doubt, you will find success if you focus on what she is teaching. We’re here to learn from her, so let go of any ego and listen and learn. Shoutout to Izzy for creating a discord that’s laser focused on success and consistency.