I really want to use this opportunity to talk about the learning aspects of this group and the general energy. Ofcourse, you are going to make way more than what you pay for the premium service. That’s a given. But the non monetary profits you gain here are way more valuable in my opinion. I have been on the premium plan for about a week now and I have been mostly following Izzys analysis, her past analysis and generally everything she and the other traders talk here. The biggest takeaway for me is that, Izzy is the kind of person who wants to “teach you how to fish” . That’s the kind of person and energy you want to be associated with and learn from. Another great thing about Izzy is that even after being a knowledge powerhouse, she recognizes the strengths and knowledge of others in the trading community and gives us an opportunity to listen to them. Joining this community is like singing up for a boot camp in trading and technical analysis with an absolutely amazing and patient teacher and great peers. Thanks Izzy for your willingness to dedicate time and share your knowledge and thank you for creating this awesome community