I have been in Izzy’s premium room for several months now and am quite familiar with the high quality of her teaching in there. I was interested in getting focus time to ask specific questions related to technical analysis so I signed up for her 1:1 session on price action and technical analysis. Despite my high expectations of the session from being in the discord, Izzy was able to exceed them. She went over what price action setups she likes to look for and we went over real examples of them with different tickers that were in play for that week. I brought up a trade I took that was based on one of those setups and Izzy was able to show me details that would have helped me better understand my risk reward on the trade before I took it that I wouldn’t have been able to identify on my own. All the effort she took to fully analyze the setup and make sure I understood really shows how much she cares about teaching and making sure we continue to grow as traders so that we are better prepared for the next trade. Though a lot of the concepts she shared are already being taught in the discord, I would still recommend the 1:1 sessions because it gave me the forum to focus on areas I need to improve in my own trading and Izzy has the gift of always teaching you something new in a digestible way. Thanks Izzy!