I was watching the YouTube video for our AH discussion, the other night in bed, and my wife said, “She sounds both competent/knowledgeable about what she is talking about, but also seems like a very kind person.” This little comment, made by someone who isn’t even part of this discord, encompasses truly what Izzy and her mentorship is about. As most organizations go, it always starts at the top. If you’re a great leader, and you think about others before yourself, and you encourage and perpetuate a culture of kindness, collaboration, and sharing… you will always see it trickle down to the others who are a part of that organization. Izzy works tirelessly, not only on her craft, but for the good of the traders in her discord. She is beyond passionate about teaching us how to improve our knowledge of TA, current market sentiment, and most importantly — mindset. She has a natural gift of breaking things down into bite size chunks that make sense, and is patient enough to answer questions both during market hours, and I’m sure AH in her DMs. The PM Zoom chats are super calming, as it helps give insight into what she is seeing for the market that particular day, and helps give new traders guidance into how to approach their trading day. The intraday squawks provide real-time education as to what she is seeing — and what is about to shift and change — which inevitably comes to mind-blowing fruition. The AH recaps help give the day a sense of closure and a group review of what we did right as a collective group, or what we could’ve done better (usually it was all her, but on top of everything else, she is humble). And if you ever miss any of these live sessions, she goes to great lengths to make sure it is recorded (and even re-records if it messes up), so that those who missed are able to watch, and that it is there as a resource to continue to be reviewed.(edited)[3:15 PM]I’ve only been trading for approximately a year now, and in that year I have gone through major peaks and valleys (emotionally and mentally), and paid thousands of dollars in tuition to the market. I only recently followed Izzy on twitter, as well as joined her discord room. Even then, I wasn’t really involved. There was just something different about her that attracted me to her. When she put up the link for the premium room/mentorship, I initially hesitated on signing up, but then just did it anyway. It was the early-adopter in me, which now I am very glad to have done. Izzy constantly asks for feedback to ensure that she is giving everyone the value they need to grow as a trader. In all honesty, the value and learning wisdom that she provides day-to-day, week-to-week, is INVALUABLE and more than any of us even expected. Last, but not least, Izzy values every member as a human being. I consider Izzy to be all of the following – bad ass bish, my stock mom, and friend. I’m excited to see where this journey together leads us!