What do I even say and where do I even start as everything I would like to say here has been said previously by others ( just scroll up ) but if anything what I would like to add is – everyone here is extremely helpful. There is literally a family type of environment here and if you’re really willing to put in the work and learn , this is the place to be. @_ms_izzy and her levels on the charts works like charm I mean the best thing I’ve learned here till date along with all the other TA, Fundamentals, market sentiments she teaches. She has mentioned that she has missed on quite a lot of opportunities because she was helping us here in the room so that also shows what kind of person she is. Just couple of weeks in here has taught me a lot and most importantly I’m an impatient ass so she has taught me how to be more patient, discipline and once that kicks in the confidence is there automatically and once you’re confident with your levels and trades you’ll make profits. Would also like to thank everyone here!