First of all would like to say I’m following Izzy since I knew from here on a BZ bootcamp and I loved the way how she explained the things. I started following on the Social media, then on discord, etc. I really like and appreciate the way on how she teach ppl, her energy and her availability for helping people. It is clearly is her passion. I have been in the premium discord for about two weeks and so far I have been following Izzy’s live streams, study cases, practicing looking a charts on a different way,etc. Mostly because i use to trade without a plan, with a lot of bad habits. Step by step I have been learning to at least have a plan rather than following crowd or emotions. If someone ask me if I would pay the premium again, I would definitely say yes. Yes bc I have learned a lot, yes bc here is a such kind a good community of people open to help, yes because it worth each penny I have paid. Thank you so much Izzy, for the usual hard work you do for us.