I started actively trading about two months ago and was immediately overwhelmed by how drastically different the mindset is to trade intraday or to swing vs buying and holding. I tried countless youtube videos and twitter pages to find the information I needed to learn to succeed. One of the few places where I found myself finding value was through Izzy’s twitter. I first was amazed by how her call outs were spot on, but then I got intrigued by her videos where she showed her charting and I was hungry to learn more.
After just two days of going through her videos and discussions in her premium discord, I was comfortable doing my own charting for the first time. After a couple weeks I started to develop my own plan going into the trading day. This was the complete opposite of my first few weeks trading where I would trade out of hope, revenge trade, size up too much, etc. All of these issues Izzy discussed in the discord and provided actionable suggestions on how to improve on them. She is one of the best teachers in any subject I have come across. Whether it’s the technical analysis or the mental aspect, I find the way she delivers the information to be extremely digestible Not only is the content amazing, but what truly stands out is how much Izzy cares about people. I’ve tried many paid services online and the amount of work she puts into this Discord is unlike anything I’ve seen. It is extremely well run and she is always thinking about how to make the experience better. I feel extremely fortunately to have the chance to learn from her. It’s been an up and down journey for me, but I’ve started to feel like I am getting more consistent day-to-day. In the past 8 days, I’ve been able to have 7 green days trading a system that suits my personality and with a reasonable amount of risk. There is NO WAY I would have been able to achieve that without Izzy’s help. Thank you so much!