I’ve been in Ms. Izzy’s premium room since April and it has been amazing! Even just in my first week here my trading has improved immensely. Izzy is here to teach and she means it. She doesn’t hold back. She spills out every little detail she knows about any trades in the room. I’ve never seen ANY(no pun) trader as detail as she is. No matter how many times she does it, it never cease to amaze me whenever a trade hits her levels to the exact penny! I wanted to learn as much as I can from Izzy so I decided to sign up for the one on one session. This way I can focus on the specific area where I needed more help with. The whole session was amazing. You will get a review of what you’ve been learning in the premium room…pack-a-punched!! She went over price actions, her favorite patterns, how she gets her levels, timing a trade, etc… She pulled up a few recent charts and showed me in detail on what she looks for and how she played them out. So many light-bulb moments. She goes so in-depth yet makes it easy to understand at the same time. Even with things that I thought I already knew, she manage to enlighten me. You might pick up little things along the session that can be game-changing imo! To me is knowing where a pullback might go to and where it should hold for a bullish continuation. Also on what she looks for on a swing, and how she swings them. And everything she explains makes total sense. I highly recommend the one on one. Every trader has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to focus on your own specific needs if you want to succeed as a trader. With my session with Izzy, I was able to focus on what I needed more help with. Learning to trade is an investment itself. We need to put in the effort in order to see the results and we are very lucky Izzy is here to guide us.