I joined Izzy’s discord back in August while I was recovering from surgery. I had been more of an investor than a trader until earlier in the year. When I joined, I had no idea what I was getting into or how much I didn’t know (a lot). I have learned so much from Izzy in just a few months. I am still working on execution and fighting my bad habits, but I am a completely different trader now than I was just a few months ago. I’m much more patient, I don’t trade nearly as much, and I make more with less at risk. Today (December 15) is a perfect example of how much Izzy has to teach me and the group – helping us prepare for FOMC on the week of quad witching. The ability to recall past market events and how the market reacted, not to mention levels and patterns from 1993 still amazes me. Izzy’s attention to detail is only matched by her work ethic and how hard she prepares to benefit the group. I’m excited to keep growing, not just as a trader, but as a person, with Izzy’s teaching and support and that of the wonderful community she has created.