I have been trading (or learning to trade) for about a year now. Like all classic 2020 newbie traders, I thought that I was smart and that the market was easy. Because of this, I fell into some pretty poor trading habits. I followed Izzy on Twitter pretty much from the beginning. After the tech and growth correction in February and March of 2021, I realized trading… is actually NOT easy. But I did notice that she was still maneuvering the markets well and not encouraging bagholding or pumping stocks. I thought that was interesting because most of fintwit is bullish 100% of the time (even when the market is obviously telling another story). After being thoroughly humbled by my losses, I realized that I actually had no plan, no method, and no clue what I was doing. I decided to join her regular Discord to see what she knew that I was obviously missing. The room was unbelievably educational and free of judgment. The only goal was to help others. No pumping plays or encouraging FOMO. I started to build a better trading strategy and began to treat trading like more of a job than a hobby. I am not somebody who would ever sign up for a premium or paid trading service under any other circumstances. I am a massive cheapskate. But I realized that being a student is vital to trading. Izzy puts an absurd amount of heart and dedication into teaching (look at her daily schedule)! Every day, win or lose, green or red, I am learning something new and refining my trading style. My attitude and outlook on trading are completely different. I no longer view the market as an ATM machine but rather as a tool. Now, I do not go into any trading day without a plan. I appreciate everything she has done so far and plan to continue learning for as long as she is willing to help.