I first saw Izzy last year at a online event made by Benzinga. Her unique approach made me interested to learn more. But I was to clever and almost destroyed my trading account by myself. And lost my interest in day trading. Just bought positions for longer time periods. I am now an member in this group for almost 2 months. The amount of everyday informations Izzy keeps pouring in us is overwhelming and at beginning I did not understood a lot. But with perseverance and reviewing a lot of the AH and PM recordings one can start to understand a little more and see the light. One on one is also highly recommend and Izzy was as usual… tons of infos and details. I am wondering still if she is human or a AI bot. After 5-6 weeks in this group I have the feeling I belong here and I really can learn and improve my tradings. For the first 4 days of this week I have been green at end of every day. I highly recommend Izzy and this group. Nice peoples and really helping and giving informations and trade alerts. Not only Izzy – the whole group. “You never walk alone” in this group