I was watching the YouTube video for our AH discussion, the other night in bed, and my wife said, “She sounds both competent/knowledgeable about what she is talking about, but also seems like a very kind person.” This little comment, made by someone who isn’t even part of this discord, encompasses truly what Izzy and her mentorship is about. As most organizations go, it always starts at the top. If you’re a great leader, and you think about others before yourself, and you encourage and perpetuate a culture of kindness, collaboration, and sharing… you will always see it trickle down to the others who are a part of that organization. Izzy works tirelessly, not only on her craft, but for the good of the traders in her discord. She is beyond passionate about teaching us how to improve our knowledge of TA, current market sentiment, and most importantly — mindset. She has a natural gift of breaking things down into bite size chunks that make sense, and is patient enough to answer questions both during market hours, and I’m sure AH in her DMs. The PM Zoom chats are super calming, as it helps give insight into what she is seeing for the market that particular day, and helps give new traders guidance into how to approach their trading day. The intraday squawks provide real-time education as to what she is seeing — and what is about to shift and change — which inevitably comes to mind-blowing fruition. The AH recaps help give the day a sense of closure and a group review of what we did right as a collective group, or what we could’ve done better (usually it was all her, but on top of everything else, she is humble). And if you ever miss any of these live sessions, she goes to great lengths to make sure it is recorded (and even re-records if it messes up), so that those who missed are able to watch, and that it is there as a resource to continue to be reviewed.(edited)[3:15 PM]I’ve only been trading for approximately a year now, and in that year I have gone through major peaks and valleys (emotionally and mentally), and paid thousands of dollars in tuition to the market. I only recently followed Izzy on twitter, as well as joined her discord room. Even then, I wasn’t really involved. There was just something different about her that attracted me to her. When she put up the link for the premium room/mentorship, I initially hesitated on signing up, but then just did it anyway. It was the early-adopter in me, which now I am very glad to have done. Izzy constantly asks for feedback to ensure that she is giving everyone the value they need to grow as a trader. In all honesty, the value and learning wisdom that she provides day-to-day, week-to-week, is INVALUABLE and more than any of us even expected. Last, but not least, Izzy values every member as a human being. I consider Izzy to be all of the following – bad ass bish, my stock mom, and friend. I’m excited to see where this journey together leads us!

I have always been skeptical of paying for chatrooms but I swear on my life this one is worth it; Izzy and sandman’s guidance paid for nearly a whole year of the service on the first day I actively listened to them during market hours.

Been involved in the stock market for 20 years, this is the new edge you need to succeed in the markets. Izzy and Sandman are finding the hottest stocks before the street. Love it!

I have been in Izzy’s premium room for several months now and am quite familiar with the high quality of her teaching in there. I was interested in getting focus time to ask specific questions related to technical analysis so I signed up for her 1:1 session on price action and technical analysis. Despite my high expectations of the session from being in the discord, Izzy was able to exceed them. She went over what price action setups she likes to look for and we went over real examples of them with different tickers that were in play for that week. I brought up a trade I took that was based on one of those setups and Izzy was able to show me details that would have helped me better understand my risk reward on the trade before I took it that I wouldn’t have been able to identify on my own. All the effort she took to fully analyze the setup and make sure I understood really shows how much she cares about teaching and making sure we continue to grow as traders so that we are better prepared for the next trade. Though a lot of the concepts she shared are already being taught in the discord, I would still recommend the 1:1 sessions because it gave me the forum to focus on areas I need to improve in my own trading and Izzy has the gift of always teaching you something new in a digestible way. Thanks Izzy!

I have been trading (or learning to trade) for about a year now. Like all classic 2020 newbie traders, I thought that I was smart and that the market was easy. Because of this, I fell into some pretty poor trading habits. I followed Izzy on Twitter pretty much from the beginning. After the tech and growth correction in February and March of 2021, I realized trading… is actually NOT easy. But I did notice that she was still maneuvering the markets well and not encouraging bagholding or pumping stocks. I thought that was interesting because most of fintwit is bullish 100% of the time (even when the market is obviously telling another story). After being thoroughly humbled by my losses, I realized that I actually had no plan, no method, and no clue what I was doing. I decided to join her regular Discord to see what she knew that I was obviously missing. The room was unbelievably educational and free of judgment. The only goal was to help others. No pumping plays or encouraging FOMO. I started to build a better trading strategy and began to treat trading like more of a job than a hobby. I am not somebody who would ever sign up for a premium or paid trading service under any other circumstances. I am a massive cheapskate. But I realized that being a student is vital to trading. Izzy puts an absurd amount of heart and dedication into teaching (look at her daily schedule)! Every day, win or lose, green or red, I am learning something new and refining my trading style. My attitude and outlook on trading are completely different. I no longer view the market as an ATM machine but rather as a tool. Now, I do not go into any trading day without a plan. I appreciate everything she has done so far and plan to continue learning for as long as she is willing to help.

I started actively trading about two months ago and was immediately overwhelmed by how drastically different the mindset is to trade intraday or to swing vs buying and holding. I tried countless youtube videos and twitter pages to find the information I needed to learn to succeed. One of the few places where I found myself finding value was through Izzy’s twitter. I first was amazed by how her call outs were spot on, but then I got intrigued by her videos where she showed her charting and I was hungry to learn more.
After just two days of going through her videos and discussions in her premium discord, I was comfortable doing my own charting for the first time. After a couple weeks I started to develop my own plan going into the trading day. This was the complete opposite of my first few weeks trading where I would trade out of hope, revenge trade, size up too much, etc. All of these issues Izzy discussed in the discord and provided actionable suggestions on how to improve on them. She is one of the best teachers in any subject I have come across. Whether it’s the technical analysis or the mental aspect, I find the way she delivers the information to be extremely digestible Not only is the content amazing, but what truly stands out is how much Izzy cares about people. I’ve tried many paid services online and the amount of work she puts into this Discord is unlike anything I’ve seen. It is extremely well run and she is always thinking about how to make the experience better. I feel extremely fortunately to have the chance to learn from her. It’s been an up and down journey for me, but I’ve started to feel like I am getting more consistent day-to-day. In the past 8 days, I’ve been able to have 7 green days trading a system that suits my personality and with a reasonable amount of risk. There is NO WAY I would have been able to achieve that without Izzy’s help. Thank you so much!

I really want to use this opportunity to talk about the learning aspects of this group and the general energy. Ofcourse, you are going to make way more than what you pay for the premium service. That’s a given. But the non monetary profits you gain here are way more valuable in my opinion. I have been on the premium plan for about a week now and I have been mostly following Izzys analysis, her past analysis and generally everything she and the other traders talk here. The biggest takeaway for me is that, Izzy is the kind of person who wants to “teach you how to fish” . That’s the kind of person and energy you want to be associated with and learn from. Another great thing about Izzy is that even after being a knowledge powerhouse, she recognizes the strengths and knowledge of others in the trading community and gives us an opportunity to listen to them. Joining this community is like singing up for a boot camp in trading and technical analysis with an absolutely amazing and patient teacher and great peers. Thanks Izzy for your willingness to dedicate time and share your knowledge and thank you for creating this awesome community


Sometimes the best things that happen in life, happen randomly. I started following Ms Izzy on Twitter because I was looking for someone who has insights on how to trade (of all tickers…) QD. I quickly learned about her wit, love for food and incredible skills in trading. But what impressed me the most is her kindness and passionate desire to share knowledge. This is a rare quality I didn’t expect to encounter. There are tons of guru traders in the world. But to me, character trumps making money.[8:49 PM]I felt compelled and requested to join the free discord which Ms Izzy kindly responded with an invite. However, when I did join (have to apologize for saying this…), I left the server only after few minutes. Although the vibe was great, the crowd was much larger than expected and wasn’t what I was looking for. Oddly (by accident), Ms Izzy later retweeted my first request and sent a second invite. This time I thought…maybe I’m missing something and need to take a second look. After joining again, I stayed on the sidelines and just observed. Then, after few weeks when I finally jumped in and started trading with the group, Ms Izzy announces starting a premium group. I was intrigued at the timing of this opportunity and paid for the access. To my surprise, it was exactly what I was looking for. I am not someone who needs attention, but I do learn and operate better with a more concentrated group when it comes to trading (This is not a knock on big vs. small groups, but just acknowledging people have different needs). On top of that, the premium server offers a tremendous amount of guidance and support. Ms Izzy is well connected to the trading industry, profoundly skilled, knowledgeable and most of all, tirelessly willing to teach and mentor anyone who wants to learn. And after few weeks since inception, members (including myself) are already showing good progress. I’m still surprised at the collection of events that brought me here. Maybe I should thank QD? Lol. But overall, I’m really grateful to Ms Izzy and senior traders/partners for creating (out of their wish to help others) an educational forum like this premium access to help us improve as traders and as people

First of all would like to say I’m following Izzy since I knew from here on a BZ bootcamp and I loved the way how she explained the things. I started following on the Social media, then on discord, etc. I really like and appreciate the way on how she teach ppl, her energy and her availability for helping people. It is clearly is her passion. I have been in the premium discord for about two weeks and so far I have been following Izzy’s live streams, study cases, practicing looking a charts on a different way,etc. Mostly because i use to trade without a plan, with a lot of bad habits. Step by step I have been learning to at least have a plan rather than following crowd or emotions. If someone ask me if I would pay the premium again, I would definitely say yes. Yes bc I have learned a lot, yes bc here is a such kind a good community of people open to help, yes because it worth each penny I have paid. Thank you so much Izzy, for the usual hard work you do for us.

What do I even say and where do I even start as everything I would like to say here has been said previously by others ( just scroll up ) but if anything what I would like to add is – everyone here is extremely helpful. There is literally a family type of environment here and if you’re really willing to put in the work and learn , this is the place to be. @_ms_izzy and her levels on the charts works like charm I mean the best thing I’ve learned here till date along with all the other TA, Fundamentals, market sentiments she teaches. She has mentioned that she has missed on quite a lot of opportunities because she was helping us here in the room so that also shows what kind of person she is. Just couple of weeks in here has taught me a lot and most importantly I’m an impatient ass so she has taught me how to be more patient, discipline and once that kicks in the confidence is there automatically and once you’re confident with your levels and trades you’ll make profits. Would also like to thank everyone here!