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Ms Izzy completely understands that not all people are the same. Some require more time than others, whereas some are visual learners versus theory. There is an option for everyone, regardless of what type of learner you are or how much time you can dedicate to learn. Izzy offers a mentorship program, designed for all types of traders with varying experiences in the market and is extremely digestible. Izzy also offers a weekly report which is published every Sunday, highlighting the major market events, a watchlist, and rotations on the horizon.

Have you been struggling with the markets and not sure why? Have you studied all the technical indicators possible, watched every single YouTube video out there, and still not consistent? Ms Izzy’s mentorship program is particularly designed to guide traders on how to understand the market as a whole. From a very macro and sentimental approach, to key price action and technical analysis, down to the core of the psychology behind trading.

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In addition, Izzy is now offering individual one on one sessions, for those seeking private mentorship.

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